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 <GM> Application

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PostSubject: <GM> Application   Sat Oct 27, 2007 7:25 pm

Hello, my name is Mike(some ppl call me Aven). I've been looking at some of the features your server has, and it seems very nice, good job. I look forward to being a GM on this server. Anyway, here's my GM app. Enjoy.

Nick: Aven
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Live in: Denton, Tx, US
Experience: I've GMed on a couple of other servers, I know pretty much all of the Antrix commands by heart.
On what server?(Antrix, ascent, Mangos etc): Antrix
What are a gm supposed to do: A good GM should help people with Character Problems, Bugs, ETC.
What cannot a gm do: Give free items, gold, or anything else out unless there is some prearrangement with the Admin. A GM should NEVER help players level, either by giving them levels or otherwise.
Why should we choose you: Well, I'm very helpful, I'm not "hot-headed", I can do tickets(if that's set up on your server), and like I said, I know all of the Antrix commands.
Other things: (Refer to top)
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<GM> Application
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