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 GM APP -- Darkclaw

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PostSubject: GM APP -- Darkclaw   Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:20 pm

Nick: Tony Cool
Age: 15 Cool
Gender: Male Cool
Live in: Sweden Shocked
Experience: Well, im help ful and i love to .learn all on pepps, and i love to .opengm ticket or whatever it is... haha thats 2 cool ^^ albino
On what server?(Antrix, ascent, Mangos etc): Im experienced with Antrix server most, Smile
What are a gm supposed to do: Help pepps on the server, and .getgmticket and help,help,help,help help! =D And stop spamming!
What cannot a gm do: .spawn Raganaros in every main city, thousands of them... thats extremly retard... Razz and use .kill on players that also retard... ^^ And dont spamm!
Why should we choose you: Well i dont know really but you guyz need a good server, and need gms, but im not that good , but sometimes someone thinks that this guy seems to be extremly nice! Well im not, but gimme a chance and you will comment it later ^^ geek
Other things: I love reptiles <3 Im active most of the time, i come home at 15:45 everyday after school! ^^ Well hope i see ya ingame lol!

-- <WannaBee GM> Darkclaw > The most stupid GM app evah! < = Won't be choosed!
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GM APP -- Darkclaw
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