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 My <GM> Application

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PostSubject: My <GM> Application   Mon Oct 08, 2007 5:27 am

Nick: My in-game name is Alexii on the real servers, and usually on private servers, but you can call me Peter

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Live in: U.S.


Where to begin...

I have been playing world of warcraft for quite some time now, both live and private servers, getting a character up to level 70, then starting others. I have been a GM on a couple of private servers, one, which was hacked early on, was a waste of time, the other, which was shut down due to lack of donations for MySQL, was worth the time. However, it did not get running again and now I need a new home.
I have been working with mangos/antrix for both of these private servers. I did not create them, and have no idea how to create them, but I definitely know how to GM them.

I know most, if not all of the commands for these different types of servers. If I need to look one up quickly, I have a few pages bookmarked on my computer with all of the commands available.

On what server?(Antrix, ascent, Mangos etc): Antrix/Mangos
What are a gm supposed to do: A GM is supposed to be both skilled in public relations and in, so to say, technology. A GM is supposed to know the game very well, be able to solve someone's problem quickly, or if not, be able to immediately tell the person who to contact next. The GM is supposed to make the game as fun as possible for the other players on the server, by making events, custom items, etc.

What cannot a gm do: A GM cannot be a lazy, rude, obnoxious person who only wants the glory of being a GM. The GM cannot run around .kill-ing people for fun, or showing off and teasing other players.

Why should we choose you:
I like to help people. I love technology, I love the challenge of figuring things out. I tend to make friends very fast, and I tend to be able to fix most problems.
I am easy-going. I'll do whatever needs doing. I am very flexible. Yet I am still determined to make the server as good as it can be.

Other things:
I speak fluent spanish and english, so I would be able to translate or help spanish speaking players as well as english speaking players.

Let me know, PM me and I can give you my email address or my AIM screen name.

Thanks for the opportunity to apply on what looks to be an up and coming server. Hopefully you still need more GMs, and I look forward to working for you soon!

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My <GM> Application
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