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 Thors GM Application

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PostSubject: Thors GM Application   Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:58 pm

Nick: Thor,

Age: I am 17 years old

Gender: Male

Live in: Australia

Experience: I have been a GM on several different servers, the over all job of a game master is too keep the server happy and solve players problems. The reason i got chosen on the previous servers is because i am reliable to take charge of the server,Incase admins need a break.

On what server?(Antrix, ascent, Mangos etc): Antrix. on all 3

What are a gm supposed to do: All over GMs are supposed to make the gaming environment a better place or as such keep players under control, solve problems, and most important let the players have fun and give them what they want.

What cannot a gm do: A GM cannont level people, give gold away, give GM commands (EG: fly, speed) to a normal player, and most important NOT ABUSE THEIR POWER!!!

Why should we choose you: Simple, you should choose me because i have experience and knowledge about many different private servers, in addition i know how to keep a stable gaming comunity.

Other things: I like to see the server going from a low population to a high population, it makes me feel like ive done my job Razz

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Thors GM Application
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