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 How to connect

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PostSubject: How to connect   Thu Sep 27, 2007 6:14 pm

1. Go to your World Of Warcraft folder.

2. Find the file called

3. Right click, then click "Open" and then it will come a new window, with 2 things you can hook on: "Choose the program from a list" and "Use internet to find the program" or something like that. You should hook: "Choose the program from a list" then open it in "Wordpad".

4. Then you will get this text:
set realmlist
set patchlist

5. Make a new wordpad doc on your desktop or so, where you paste
set realmlist
set patchlist in.

6. Paste: set realmlist in the file.

7. Download and install Hamachi from

8. Open Hamachi.

9. Click the "Power On" button in the left down corner till you get a IP on the top.

10. Then you need to click the button almost in the middle.

11. Then you will get a list where is stay "Join an existing network." and "Create a new network." Click the "Join an existing network"

12. Log in with this:
Network Name: sluch gaming/sluch gaming2/sluch gaming3 and up! (small letters)
Network Password: 123 ( too all )

13. Then you need an account.

14. To get an account go to: or

15. Then log in!

Copyrightę 2007 Sluch Gaming.

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How to connect
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